Fast, Fat-Burning Workout

part ???? ••split squats 3x15 ••30sec step jumps ••30sec toe taps ••moving plank 3x10

Some days are just busy! Maybe you’re trying to clean the house, run the kids to soccer practice, and meet a work deadline (all at the same time!), but that’s no reason to skip your workout! (After all, you can only give others your best when you feel your best). For those days when life gets crazy, this fast fat-burning workout is just what the doctor ordered. It can be performed with no equipment or made more challenging by using a sturdy ledge, step, chair, or bench. It’s totally up to you! This versatile routine will help you burn tons of calories and tone your entire body in under 15 minutes. If you’re looking for a fun way to quickly burn fat and relieve stress, this workout is for you!

Exercise 1: Bulgarian Split Lunge

  • Begin by placing one foot on a sturdy ledge, platform, bench, or chair
  • Hop the other foot forward until your legs are in a split-stance
  • Lower into a lunge by bending the knees (front knee should remain over the front ankle; shoulders over the hips; legs creating two 90-degree angles at the deepest point of the movement)
  • Engage the lower body muscles to return to a standing split-stance (avoid “locking out” the knees when standing)
  • Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions per leg

Modification: Perform a traditional stationary lunge by keeping both feet on the floor.

Exercise 2: Step Plunge/Lunge

  • Begin by standing on a sturdy ledge, platform, bench, or plyo box
  • Step one foot off the back of the platform
  • Jump and switch the feet back and forth off the step, pumping the arms to assist you (make sure one foot always remains securely on the platform with the knee aligned over the ankle)
  • Perform 1 set for 30 seconds

Modification 1: Place one foot securely on the platform. Step upwards and lift the opposite knee towards your chest. Bring the lifted foot back to the ground. Step the other foot off the platform. Repeat movement, leading with the opposite leg.

Modification 2: If a platform is not available, simply step one foot behind you and then the other, quickly switching the feet back and forth, simultaneously pumping both arms to accelerate the heart-rate.

Exercise 3: Toe Taps

  • Place a target on the floor (it can be anything from a bench to a pillow; the higher the target, the greater the challenge)
  • Pretend you’re a soccer player
  • Tap the target with one foot
  • Quickly switch and tap the target with the other foot, as quickly as you safely can
  • Perform 1 set for 30 seconds

Modification: Perform with an imaginary target. Just concentrate on lifting the knees as high as possible.

Exercise 4: Up/Down Planks

  • Begin in a plank position (hands directly beneath the shoulders; body in a straight line; head in a neutral position)
  • Bend one elbow, then the other, coming down to the floor in a bent-arm plank
  • Extend one arm, then the other, returning to a straight-arm plank
  • Alternate lead arms after each repetition
  • Perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions

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This fat-burning workout was created by the fabulous @TrainerKelli on Instagram!


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