Full Body Partner Workout!

Hey Flat Abs Fam!!

How are we FEELING today?!

I personally, feel SO GREAT!

Today is such a great day, because I have a new workout!!

OK! Now that you’re all excited, what do you say you grab a partner and do this FULL BODY WORKOUT!

You CAN still do this alone, but partners are always fun!

What you’ll need:

Partner (optional)
A mat
And a kettleball or dumbbell
NO DOGS. Not for this one

Time to work it:

30 seconds of work
10 seconds to switch with your partner or rest if you need it

The exercises:

Plank/Goblet Squat
Dead Lift/Half Push up Hold
Figure 8/Plank
Kettleball Swings/Wall Sits

REMEMBER control, form, and be sure to help your partner if they need it, or ask for it if you do!

Quick, easy, strong.

You don’t need hours a day to spend working out, you just need the right routine and a little bit of time.

I’ve been making these short videos to easily squeeze into your busy day, and to just encourage you to be active EVERY DAY.

I love you guys.

See you Monday!!

Trainer Andi

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