Chocolate Protein Waffles & Muffins!

Quite Possibly one of my favoritest breakfast creations of ALL TIME. Tastes so naughty but totally clean! I’m obsessed!! AND it gluten free! And stuffed with protein! Chocolate Protein Waffles: 2 cups gluten free flour (brown rice or coconut flour works) 5 scoops Ideal Shape Chocolate Flavor Protein Powder 2 tablespoons Baking Powder, Sprinkle of…

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Me Vs Myself – Female Fitness and Workout Motivation

fitness motivation

Hello love, To be 100% transparent and painfully honest with you… I still fight hurtful, demeaning, negative thoughts and self talk. They still manage to find their way to sneak into my mind. I still have moments that I feel so unworthy or compare myself to another. Those mean, negative voices always come and they…

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4-Step Food Prep and Recipes Guide for a Lean Healthy Lifestyle

  You’re a busy mom. I know, because I am too!! Which means meal prep has GOT to be easy, and it’s gotta be quick. Because the kiddos only let me give my attention to ANYTHING else for like 5 minutes haha. So I’m going to take you behind the scenes so you know how…

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Total Body Warm Up Exercises Before Workout – How to Warm Up Pre-Workout

total body warmup

Warming up before your workout is SOO super important. I used to always struggle spending time to warm up- but it makes such a difference in your performance. I set aside 15 minutes for dynamic stretching and warm ups like this. During the exercises, flex and engage your abs. Warming up this way will teach…

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Slim, Toned Arms Workout – HIIT

toned arms

Short and simple HIIT Toned Arms Workout! It’s harder than it looks..! This is a HIIT toned arms workout routine I would combine with 30 minutes of weight lifting! I would recommend doing: 5 sets of 5 Incline bench press Perform at a weight that is challenging and really burns to finish the 4th and 5th rep each…

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Amazing Protein Pancake Recipe

For you pancake lovers: Protein Pancakes..🙏😘👌 ☑️1 cup water ☑️1 cup Flap Jacked protein mix (can find at sprouts for $7ish) ☑️5 egg whites OR 1/2 cup chocolate flavored @muscleegg. ☑️1/2 cup plain oats ☑️few dashes of Cinnamon and Stevia! Yields: 8-10 medium sized pancakes! 💟 Topping- I just took a handful of frozen berries,…

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Healthy Gluten Free Pizza Recipe!

Just made us our weekly homemade pizza!! Except this time I made it a heart! Husband Approved. You guys I literally eat this pizza every week & have eaten protein pancakes for the last THREE days. Healthy eating doesn’t mean depriving yourself of Delicious Food! I still eat the food I love- except now I…

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Leg/booty HIIT No Equipment Workout!

no equipment hiit workout

Leg/booty HIIT No equipment workout! I just threw this together, and kicked my own booty.😳 Killer!🔥Set a stopwatch: ✔️20 Pistols (10 each leg). ✔️20 Rotating Jumping Squats ✔20 Walking Lunges (add weight if possible) ✔️10 Power Jacks. 3 rounds- for time! I left home to out of state last second on Monday so I don't…

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Delicious Healthy Brownie Recipe!

healthy brownie recipe

😋I was so proud of these healthy brownies I made the other day! They were SO yummy and moist! I will definitely be perfecting them though. Want them to be more chewy! Sugar and gluten free! Recipe: ✔️2 mashed, peeled sweet potatoes. ✔️1 zucchini (I put mine in a food processor) ✔️1/2 cup coconut or…

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Tough HIIT Workout You Can Do At Home

quick hiit workout

Definitely needed this tough HIIT workout today.. Felt so yucky from the last couple days. Being out of town always gets me! Trying hard to focus and stay on track. Just pieced together this routine and loved it. Set your stopwatch on your phone: 4 rounds for time. ✔️15 Kettlebell Swings ✔️5 hand stand push-ups…

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