Legs, Abs, Arms Total Body HIIT Workout!

Legs, Abs, Arms HIIT Workout

You know how I am, I LOVE those effective, quick INTENSE HIIT workouts! So I have a NEW one for you! HIIT Workout Targets: Legs/Booty, Abs, Arms. Basically FULL Body! Key to this Workout is to KEEP MOVING. Keep your intensity High! Set a Timer- your score will be your time. Routine Structure: 21, 15,…

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Perky Booty Workout Routine! – Exercises for a Lifted and Toned Booty

perky booty routine

Who doesn’t want a perkier toned, rounder booty?! Honestly, I don’t know about you but walking around feeling dang proud of your booty is an AWESOME feeling. Nothing vain or self absorbed about that, just confidence! And confidence is crazy beautiful. When you are exercising and making those booty muscles burn it truly makes you…

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No Equipment, HIIT ABS Routine!

Dont believe the MYTHS Most people want toned abs.. And most people really struggle achieving them. BEEN there. I believe this is because there is a lot of misconception of “HOW” abs are even achieved! Many people believe that the way to abs is eating LESS and doing ab workouts all day, everyday! My lovelies,…

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Motivation, 6 simple things I do.

They’re Simple, I promise. 1. Have a set time of day you will workout, pre-decided the day before. Have it already worked in your schedule, as if it were a meeting. Do everything you can to aim for that time. Start the day already decided and dedicated to that specific workout. If you don’t go…

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FULL Body Workout! Boom. Beach Body? Yes.

full body workout

Ok this is one of my favorite Full Body workouts! SO simple and very little Equipment.. But EXHAUSTING! Step 1! In this video I had limited equipment, so I first did 50 Kettle bell swings for the first exercise, however, there can be interchanged with Pull Ups if you don’t have a Kettle bell (which…

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Fitness Motivation: One Simple Tip to Stay Motivated

One thing that has been heavy on my heart lately is trying to teach people how to stay motivated. How to find your vision, focus, and achieve your fitness goals. I can give you tons of fitness knowledge. I can post lots of workout videos and push out lots of content to you but if you don’t…

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The Salad Dressing You Should Never Eat

Wait…. I thought salads were healthy!? A salad with store bought dressing is often thought of as a healthier alternative to other foods. However, this very combination may be what is stopping you from burning fat and obtaining your ideal body. Here’s why. 1. Most pre-made salad dressings contain significant amounts of high fructose corn syrup.…

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How to Make an Irresistible Green Smoothie

green smoothie

Green Smoothies 101 Do you still have that weird stigma about eating your vegetables throughout the day like when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. And Sometimes an extra kick of energy in the morning is just really nice.. Like life changing. Ok then its agreed that you are in the right place and need to…

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How to Stay Fit During Holidays

Hey guys! Here are 5 Keys to get a fit body even through the holidays! These points will be vital to your success as we approach this season! Ok here we go! Set aside 1 day to Cheat! Lets be honest Its not effective to tell yourself you can never have a treat ever again, because…

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How to Maintain Your Fitness Goals and Still Eat the Foods You Love!

Set aside 1 day to Cheat! Lets be honest – Its not effective to tell yourself you can never have a treat ever again, because eventually you’ll break. Especially during the holidays! Treats are everywhere, so that would just be setting yourself up for failure! Which will will lead to guilt, then more failure. So…

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