Intense at Home 5 Minute Ab Workout

Ab Workout

This is the ultimate 5 minute ab workout! Lose that belly fat and get great abs with these 9 very effective exercises! Don’t forget that the most important step to achieving toned abs is nutrition (avoiding starchy carbs, sugars, refined foods) combined with an ab routine such as this one. Here’s the sequence. Do each for…

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Are Egg Whites or Whole Eggs Healthier?

Dietary studies have repeatedly shown that when people eat an egg every morning in addition to (or instead of) toast or cereal, they lose twice as much weight as those who eat a breakfast that’s dominated by carbs! That’s because eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein and micronutrients that start your day…

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Calves 101: How to get Slim Toned Calves!


Hey there! Our video today reveals the true method to creating those slim toned calves! First step is knowing the muscles and how they respond to specific types of workouts! Preston Noble from the team, also known as “Calf Boy” for his remarkable calves, enlightened us with some knowledge and tips! Great info to keep in mind on your next leg day! Thank you Preston Noble!

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Top Fitness Mistakes Healthy People Make

fitness mistakes

Hey guys, Here are the top fitness mistakes even health conscious people make, that make a bigger difference than you realize! Mistake 1: Not eating enough protein within 30 min. of waking up. This will re-wire your brain for the day and you won’t find yourself craving carbs nearly as badly. Mistake 2: Protein! Protein…

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