Total Body Warm Up Exercises Before Workout – How to Warm Up Pre-Workout

total body warmup

Warming up before your workout is SOO super important. I used to always struggle spending time to warm up- but it makes such a difference in your performance. I set aside 15 minutes for dynamic stretching and warm ups like this.

During the exercises, flex and engage your abs. Warming up this way will teach your body to engage your abs during all your lifts and exercises which will allow you to lift heavier, stay more balanced, and build those abdominal muscles quicker! It is important!

1. Toe Touches

Stand with feet together and come down with back straight and touch your toes, them come right back up. Repeat 15 times.

2. Jumping Jacks

Fantastic exercise to get your blood flowing and get your whole body engaged! 30 is a reliable amount, but so more if you wish!

3. Frankensteins

Walk and kick your front leg up and tap your toe with your finger tips! Feel the stretch in your lower back and back of your legs!

4. Butt Kickers

You get to go quick on this one! Focus on really getting that heel to kick your booty! We want to feel the stretch in the front of our leg on this one!

5. Donkey Kicks

Ohhhh I love this one. It’s kinda a killer, especially if you’re sore! This is kind of like a walk split leg toe touch.. Kick that back leg back and up (keeping it straight) getting it as high up as you can while you touch your other front leg toes with your finger tips! Squeeze your booty! This is a fantastic dynamic warmup for your booty, lower back, and legs. Good warmup for any full body workout!

6. Walking Lunges

Gosh, lunges.. aren’t they fun? Really get a long stride and push up out of the lunge with your front leg, squeezing that booty! This warmup gets your body heated up and going for the workout!

7. Standing Squat Stretch

Nice simple stretch for your back and hamstrings! You want your feet just outside of hip width apart, toes pointed slightly outward (normal squat stance). Squat down into a deep squat (I lifted my heels in this video, but you’ll get an even better stretch if you keep your heels on the ground and grab your toes!) Keep your back straight and chest up, then stand up getting your legs straight and booty in the air, bending at the hips! You should feel a big stretch in your legs and back.

Additional Stretches:

I would recommend also adding the “Inchwarm” stretch. Super awesome Ab/Full Body Warmup. Walk your hands out to a Plank, then walk your feet in towards your hands! Repeat! I’d recommend doing about 20 or so. Note* Flex and engage your abs.

Yoga Pushups: Go down in a normal pushup, then move into a “downward dog” position. From the plank position you will bring your booty up into the air, bending at the hips keeping arms and legs straight and push your head down towards the ground through your arms. Really feel the stretch in your entire back, arms and legs! Do about 10 reps of these.

Hope these Exercises help you think of some ways to get your body warmed up and stretched before your workout! Really, there are so many benefits of warming up! Make it a priority! Dynamic, moving stretches really get your body ready for heavy lifts or quick speedy exercises you would do in a HIIT workout!

Oh! And just so you know just exercise isn’t enough, to truly get rid of belly fat you must have a balanced nutrition plan! Nutrition is key.

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