6 Simple, Stay-Skinny Secrets


If you’ve logged onto any social media platform today, you’ve probably been bombarded with fitness and nutrition buzzwords. “Souping”, “intermittent fasting”, “genetically-modified”; it’s enough to make your head spin! If you’re like me, you probably just want to fit into your jeans. Life is complicated enough without constantly worrying about nutrition. So here’s a secret straight from the nutrition coach’s mouth: staying slim and healthy doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out my 6 super-simple, stay-skinny secrets. I guarantee they’ll have you loving those jeans (stress not included).

Try Yogurt-Based Dressings and Dips

Yogurt-based dressings and dips are popping up at supermarkets across the country, and for good reason! Yogurt-based dressings and dips contain all the flavor and creaminess of regular dressings without the addition of unhealthy ingredients like high-fructose corn syrup or partially-hydrogenated oils (a.k.a. trans fats). Best of all, yogurt-based dressings and dips contain roughly half the calories of traditional dressings and dips (about 70 calories per 2 tablespoons). These products deliver all the flavor with none of the guilt. So grab some lettuce and eat up!

Skip the Bread

Avoiding wheat and gluten can be a great way to eliminate bloating. Did you know that 18 million Americans suffer from gluten sensitivity?1 This common problem can cause digestive issues, inflammation, fatigue, headaches, and even depression!1 If you’re not up for eliminating wheat and gluten just yet, switch to a fibrous, whole-grain bread. I recommend Ezekiel brand products. If you avoid or switch up your bread, your waistline (and colon) will thank you!

Start with a Smoothie

Smoothies are great way to kick start the day. They provide a blast of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to get your engine revving. If you’re a smoothie newbie, keep it simple and save the wheatgrass and kefir shots for later. Start by blending one favorite fruit and one favorite vegetable with water and a scoop of protein powder. From there, begin gradually experimenting with different flavors. With a bit of practice, you’ll learn which recipes get your early-morning motor running.

Bake with Applesauce

This tip is an oldie but a goodie. Applesauce is a great replacement for liquid oils in baked goods. This food swap reduces calories and the measurement is a 1:1 ratio (that’s a fancy way of saying ½ cup of oil = ½ cup of applesauce). Most importantly, you won’t taste the difference. Next time you bake your favorite cake, give this tip a try. I won’t tell the kids.

Stop Drinking Your Calories

We all know that soda is not the healthiest choice, but other drinks are also damaging the average American’s diet. Specialty coffee drinks, sports drinks, and iced teas often come loaded with extra sugar and calories. While many people don’t like the taste of water, good hydration is crucial to staying slim. Indulge me while I get scientific for a moment. The hypothalamus of the brain controls both hunger and thirst. When a person is dehydrated, their brain may tell them it’s time to eat, when all they need is water! Water also helps the stomach feel full, leading to a reduced calorie intake. If you don’t like the taste of water, toss in some sliced fruits and let them infuse natural flavor and nutrients into otherwise bland water. You can even pick up an infusion water bottle or pitcher, like those made by Define and Contigo.

Swap Your Sour Cream

We’ve come full-circle. We’re back to yogurt. Sour cream is tasty, but it can add lots of extra calories to your favorite dishes. Try replacing sour cream with low-fat or fat-free plain Greek yogurt. Not only does it taste like sour cream, but it’s also lower in calories and adds gut-friendly probiotics to your meal!

Losing weight and staying slim shouldn’t be complicated. Eating should be enjoyable. More importantly, healthy habits should be simple and easy to implement, allowing you to form good habits that will last a lifetime. These 6 slimming secrets will help you stay slim, healthy, and best of all, stress-free!

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  • Natalie

    Reply Reply June 19, 2016

    I have purchased the 15 day meal plan and the free 15 day workout challenge. I’d like to upgrade to the 30 day plan. How do I do that?

    Thank you!


  • Kellie

    Reply Reply July 2, 2016

    I suffer from auto immune disease and i find it hard to find the energy and lose my stomach

    • Kristie Teer

      Reply Reply July 2, 2016

      Hi Kellie,

      I’m Kristie, one of the trainers here at FAF. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease several years ago. I found it difficult to find the energy to work out too; even though fitness had always been a part of my life. It was really hard for me and I gained weight. I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism which turned into hypothyroidism while I was on medication. You really have to fight for the body you want. If you are cleared by your doctor to exercise but you are just too tired, just do what you can. Even if you just start walking for 5, 10, 20 min a day or doing the HITT workouts but at a lower intensity and just doing as much as you can. When it comes to losing your stomach, exercise is going to help but the key really is nutrition. If you aren’t eating clean and healthy then it is going to be difficult to lose it. If you have special dietary requirements because of your autoimmune disorder then speak with your doctor but there are ways you can eat healthy to help you on your journey. If you haven’t joined our FB group, I highly recommend it. It’s a great place where everyone supports each other.

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