How to Make an Irresistible Green Smoothie

green smoothie

Green Smoothies 101 Do you still have that weird stigma about eating your vegetables throughout the day like when you were a kid? Yeah, me too. And Sometimes an extra kick of energy in the morning is just really nice.. Like life changing. Ok then its agreed that you are in the right place and need to…

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How to Maintain Your Fitness Goals and Still Eat the Foods You Love!

Set aside 1 day to Cheat! Lets be honest – Its not effective to tell yourself you can never have a treat ever again, because eventually you’ll break. Especially during the holidays! Treats are everywhere, so that would just be setting yourself up for failure! Which will will lead to guilt, then more failure. So…

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Why You Should Avoid Whole Wheat Like the Plague

You may have heard that “whole wheat is good for you”. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. It’s a big mistake that is preventing a lot of people from burning fat off their bellies. Let me explain… 1. Whole wheat raises blood sugar levels more than sugar! White and whole grains digest very quickly,…

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How to Measure Your Progress Without Using a Non-Motivating Scale

how to take body measurements

So many people find themselves on the scale every single day as they begin their weight loss journey.Little do they know that the scale is the very tool that will almost always promise their failure! THIS WAS ME. It  wasn’t until about 4 months ago that I finally grasped how AWFUL the scale was and…

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Are Egg Whites or Whole Eggs Healthier?

Dietary studies have repeatedly shown that when people eat an egg every morning in addition to (or instead of) toast or cereal, they lose twice as much weight as those who eat a breakfast that’s dominated by carbs! That’s because eggs are an excellent source of high quality protein and micronutrients that start your day…

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