Fitness Motivation: One Simple Tip to Stay Motivated


One thing that has been heavy on my heart lately is trying to teach people how to stay motivated. How to find your vision, focus, and achieve your fitness goals.

I can give you tons of fitness knowledge. I can post lots of workout videos and push out lots of content to you but if you don’t do anything with it theirs nothing I can do. My whole goal and purpose is to help you move forward in your fitness journey.

So it’s very saddening when I see people not reach the goals that they’ve put for themselves. If i’m not reaching the goals that I want it’s very frustrating and the thing is most of the time what’s stopping me from reaching my goals is motivation.

For me specifically…

I’m a total sugar addict… so saying no to my favorite apple pie is really hard. It’s very difficult for me to say no to the sugars. Also, getting up every morning at 5:30 AM to go to CrossFit is very hard when my body is achy and tired.

I’ve always struggled with motivation and I feel like within this last year something switched for me. Almost like a light switch. And all of a sudden I just decided that I was going to make this happen and I was going to do what it took.

Not just what I thought I could do… but push myself beyond my best. It’s hard to understand when your pushing yourself beyond your best but what I think has been the key for me is having a clear vision of what exactly I want and knowing the steps of how to get there.

But first, having that vision.

When you create that vision you don’t need to know exactly how your going to get there… all the steps. You just need to know what your wanting! If you’re just running for no reason your not going to get anywhere!

I even drew a picture of the body that I wanted. At first my motivation was to have a certain look to me but that vision evolved and now my motivation really is to be healthy, strong, to lift heavy things, to do hard things because I’ve decided I can do it.

And where we are in our fitness journeys is going to change constantly. Our motivations also are going to change constantly but having a vision of what you want is so so important.

The key for me is having a vision board.

It’s literally just a board on your wall that displays some kind of vision you have. The vision can be a picture or writing. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Keep it simple. You want it to be something that you can reach. An approachable or reachable goal/vision but is also terrifying. You want it to be a little bit harder than you think you can do.

So here’s how to create a vision board.

1. Get some kind of frame, even tape works. Tape a square on your wall.

2. Start with one vision and focus on the vision you have for your fitness journey. For example: If you want to squat a certain amount of weight or if you want to be at a certain body fat percentage put that on there. 

Warning: Don’t put a scale weight! The scale is deceiving and will mess with your motivation when the numbers aren’t showing what you want. The scale isn’t a true representation of what’s happening in your body!

3. Put it on your wall or somewhere where you can see it every single day. For example: Bed or living room. It doesn’t have to be hugely noticeable but you want it to be seen.

Do it right now! As soon as you finish reading this put your vision on your wall.

4. Optional: And if you want it to be more effective stand in front of it for 3 min right when you wake up and before you go to bed. Say your vision to yourself out loud and command your mind.

It sounds crazy but it works. It works because your mind is a tool that obeys us when we decide to let it obey us. Instead of being a slave to your mind and what it’s thinking, control your mind and what your putting in there.

When you control what you put in your mind you can control what comes out. And your mind is in control of everything that happens in your body.

So that’s my biggest tip for motivation.

Have a clear vision. Do a vision board. Keep it to one simple thing.

In the box make sure that your writing or picture is inside of the box not poking out of the edges. Keep it in the box. Look at it everyday at least once.

I really hope this helps. If you want more ways to stay motivated please sign up for my FREE 15 Day Flat Abs Challenge where I provide weekly motivation, fitness tips, and nutrition advice. Click here to join!

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  • Laura squire

    Reply Reply November 24, 2015


    See your vision.

    Let’s do this!

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