Tips to Stay Focused on Your Health, Strength, and Transformation

Clear Your Mindset of YOU.

Naturally, people decide an identity they’ve associated with their body (It can be skinny, scrawny, obese, thicker, “manly”, “womanly”, curvy). Any label of identity they’ve linked to their own body due to what they were told growing up, or what they’ve decided about themselves because of outside influences.

A lot of times it can branch from what your family members label themselves and the “family name” as. EX: “The Adam family girls are all just thicker curvier girls”. Or “The Jones family girls are all tiny and skinny”.

This is extremely damaging and a huge limitation that you MUST break through. This is one of the hardest parts about beginning a lifestyle transformation, because you must let go of a part of your “identity”.

The Huge Breakthrough

A huge breakthrough for me in this is completely letting go of physical body identity and not letting my focus be about becoming skinny or anything at all. BUT letting my focus turn to channeling all my energy into become healthy, STRONG, and functional to optimal performance.
Your body is not an ORNAMENT. It is a TOOL. A beautifully, powerful tool to conquer so much and do so many things everyday.
You don’t have to slug through life! When you make this your focus and motivation- your body WILL be able to function, and therefore work properly and quickly to put to use all the excess and stored energy (fat) and burn it as “FUEL”. Then the physically beautiful body natural follows in result.

Many people see food as the enemy, as a weakness! When really food should be our FUEL.

This Makes Me Cringe

So many people that come to me about wanting to become healthy, ask where to start and say “I love food too much”. Hearing this makes me cringe and excited all at the same time because I get to tell them they don’t have to give up this love!

Because Oh my gosh, I HAVE NEVER LOVED FOOD MORE! Now that the food I eat FINALLY, for the first time in my life, doesn’t make me feel bloated or  like I am about to pass out into food coma!

I’ve never loved the flavors and experience of food more. AND consequently, my body can finally function as it was designed to so all the nutrients is put to use rather than stored, therefore becoming fat.

Learn How to Fuel Your Body

I’ve finally learned to see my body as a machine that has laws by which it functions. I have learned how to fuel it. I want more than anything, for you to experience this mental transformation as well. It is SO liberating!

I’ve learned which foods have been disguised in our society’s “regular” foods that literally shut down the machine! UNDERSTAND your body.

Have a clear vision of what you want to be able to do, and consequentially what your body will look like.
Remember, YOU are powerful.

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    Reply Reply August 4, 2016

    I am interested in considering some kind of training by you.
    How do I go about doing that, and how much would it cost me.

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