How to Maintain Your Fitness Goals and Still Eat the Foods You Love!

Set aside 1 day to Cheat!

Lets be honest – Its not effective to tell yourself you can never have a treat ever again, because eventually you’ll break. Especially during the holidays!

Treats are everywhere, so that would just be setting yourself up for failure! Which will will lead to guilt, then more failure.

So if you face your week knowing you have “Saturday” to eat anything you want.. it won’t be nearly as difficult to resist treats those first 6 days. Plus, once you’ve been eating healthy and you eat crappy foods all in one day you truly won’t feel so great and won’t even want those foods again for 6 more days! Its a beautiful cycle. 🙂

Best part about it all is that the increase in calories (followed by six days of self discipline) will actually trick the body to speed up metabolism. Some studies suggest an increase of more than 10%!

In addition, a cheat day will cause serum leptin levels to rise as well as increase the amount of T3 and T4 hormones produced in the thyroid. All of which will regulate metabolism, and improve overall thermogenesis.

However, one this to remember is your breakfast should never ever be a cheat meal. Be sure to get sufficient protein and nutrients immediately to get your day started of correctly!

Another option is to have just one cheat meal on that 7th day rather than a full day of bad food.

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