LegSPLOSION (Leg Day) Workout Y’all!

Hey Flat Abs Fam!

Today we are doing leg day with my rad friends Colton from the Flat Abs Team, and Preston from Bodybuilder.com. I am going to kick their BUTTS with this leg day workout! And I’m going to kick YOUR butt. Ready?

5 Exercises, ALL LEGS!


Wide-Stance Squat

  • Start by standing with your feet hip distance apart
  • Walk your feet two heel-toe’s wider, point your toes out–don’t strain your knees!
  • Squat LOW. You should be getting your body at least parallel (your knees and hips,) but if you can get lower, get lower
  • Engage your core, and make sure to keep your hips back and down like you are PEEING IN THE WOODS

Right Leg Lunge Hop

  • Lunge back with your right leg, make sure to get that 90* angle with your left leg. Form is EVERYTHING!
  • Bring your right leg back up with a hop!
  • Back and hop! Pretty simple guys:)

Left Leg Lunge Hop

  • Same movement that we just did, on your left leg!
  • Make sure to keep your feet light and your core TIGHT

Mid-Stance Squat

  • Guys, this is essentially a normal squat
  • Start in a normal squat stance, but step your feet ONE heel toe wider
  • This squat is set closer than the wide stance squat, but it is still working those legs!
  • Squat down and get parallel–booty out, chest up, core ENGAGED

Heel Click Squats

  • Squat down like in your wide stance squat
  • When you come back up, jump and bring your feet together in the air
  • Think HEEL CLICKS!!

You are going to be doing these 5 workouts for 45 seconds each, with 15 seconds rest in between.

You DID it!!

I hope your legs are on fire. Ours were:)

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I’ll see you there!

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