Time-Saving Bikini Body HIIT Workout

Don't throw out your goals on the weekend! Get a Sweaty Saturday workout sesh! Try 3 rounds of 15-20 reps! ????

It may be August, but summer’s not over yet! With record heat around the country, many of us are showing more skin than usual. If you’re looking for a way to feel more confident in those short shorts, look no further than this time-saving HIIT workout. This routine utilizes a bench or step, one kettlebell, and two moderate dumbbells to help you burn tons of calories and tone the entire body, giving you a bikini body in record time. Are you ready to go swimsuit shopping? Let’s get training!

Exercise 1: Kettlebell Upright Row/Squat

  • Hold a kettlebell securely in one hand
  • Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart
  • Lower into a squat, allowing the kettlebell to descend towards the floor between your legs (make sure to keep your weight in the heels and your chest lifted as you squat)
  • Stand and use the momentum and strength of your lower body to lift the elbow higher than the shoulder, raising the kettlebell towards the center of your chest (your elbow should always be higher than the kettlebell; kettlebell should remain close to your body without touching the body)
  • Lower the kettlebell and repeat
  • Perform 15-20 repetitions on one arm, then repeat on the opposite side

Exercise 2: Bench Step-ups with Overhead Press

  • Hold one dumbbell securely in each hand
  • Step one foot onto a sturdy bench or step
  • Use the strength of the glutes to lift your body upwards onto the step
  • Lift the opposite knee towards the chest
  • Press the dumbbells overhead
  • Lower the lifted foot to the floor behind the bench
  • Step the grounded foot off the bench and place it behind the body
  • Lower into a lunge (keep your front knee over the ankle; create two, 90-degree angles with your legs; avoid touching the floor with your back knee; keep the chest proud and directly over your hips)
  • Take the rear leg forward and place it back on the step
  • Repeat sequence
  • Perform 15-20 repetitions per leg

Note: This exercise can be modified by using a step with two risers. As you get stronger, increase the step height.

Exercise 3: Lateral Abdominal Bench Jumps

  • Place hands securely on the sides of a sturdy bench or step
  • Place both feet on one side of the bench
  • Use the strength of the abs to jump your feet over the bench, bringing the feet towards the butt as you explode over the bench
  • Land softly and repeat immediately in the opposite direction
  • Perform 15-20 repetitions

Exercise 4: Decline Pushups off Bench

  • Place your feet on a sturdy bench or step, ankles crossed (feet can remain side-by-side if this is more comfortable)
  • Walk your body into a push-up position (hands slightly wider than the shoulders, core engaged, body in a long, straight line)
  • Bend the elbows to lower your chest towards the floor (keep your gaze cast towards the floor, ensuring your neck stays in good spinal alignment)
  • Push-up to the starting position and repeat
  • Perform 15-20 repetitions

Note: You can modify this exercise by performing pushups on the floor (from your toes or knees) if necessary.

Perform 3 rounds of each exercise.

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This bikini-worthy routine was created by @TrainerKelly on Instagram!

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